7$/month 150$ deductable or 10$/month best buy no deductable hmmm

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Most B.B.'s (except the magical one where o.p. lives) have at least 2 employees, plus a manager, at the customer service station (plus a couple Geek Squad guys close by).

I call b.s. that this guy smashed his phone and only the "cool guy" employee heard it.

funny though
So you can either pay 7$ a month to verizon and if u drop and crack open your droid, you can get a new one for 89$(correction) or you can pay best buy 10$ a month provided u bought your droid there and u can intentionally smash your droid into pieces and then have a brand new one given to you that day or sent over night hahha I did it....I smashed my droid in front of a best buy employee just to test the insurrance and they gave me a new one instantly.....so which one do u think is better hhaha just some info for anyone who bought a droid at best buy.... its worth the 10$ extra a month.....

UPDATE>>>> I bricked my phone to the point of no return and I cracked the screen..so I decided to test out the best buy option again today, and I went in and told them my situation and they gave me a BRAND NEW DROID out of the box, switched my sd card, activated it and all I paid was 10$.....I pay 10$ a month, but it's better than verizon for 7$ a month and they give u terrible refurbished phone in 2 days waiting time for 89$ duductable...that sucks....believe me or not....it's your money and droid......go into best buy and ask them and they will tell the same thing.....It's funny how people just assume I'm lying or I work for best buy,.....I actually hated best buy until I found out I could do this....AS MANY TIMES AS I WANT::: now if I did it everyday they would say somethign, but a few times if you actually break it or crack the screen you can keep trading it in for a new one!!!!! thanks, just thought i would let anyone know...it's a great service/replacement plan!!!!

This is why companies have deductibles, for people who do not take care of their device. What you think that phone is free. Every time you smash a phone that is coming out of somebody's pockets.
Its one thing if something happens that cause you device to get damaged, its another to intentionally destroy it.
Not to get political but it reminds me of the lazy bumbs who has a sound mind and body and just spend their entire life on welfare just because they can. They do not TRY to get a job, or an education. Nope they are just satisfied with allowing everybody else pay their way. Its ok, they do not mind because they not getting their paychecks taxed out the whazzu.
Seriously, it cool that verizon will replace the device. But how about not intentionally damaging the device. Because acts like that will result in some one else having to pay a large deductible, because best buy is tired of taking a hit for people taking a hammer to their device.:mad:
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