DX this week....or TB in a month or more?


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Jan 23, 2011
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Ewing, NJ
So I am really trying to make a decision. I have been watching various droid phones for a while now, and I really like the Droid X. Over the last month I have been really interested in the new HTC TB, and I was getting excited about jumping into an LTE phone. Right now I have an Envy2 that shuts itself off randomly several times a day, and my mom offered to buy me a new smartphone, add me to their family plan, and pay my data plan for a year. Only catch is that this is contingent on taking advantage of Verizon's deal to waive the $10 / month add a line fee with a data plan - and that deal runs out at the end of January.

So if I wait for the TB, I'll have to pay the $10 / month fee plus whatever the extra charges are for LTE. If I go Droid X now, I pay nothing for a year. I am relatively broke, so I'm leaning towards just getting the X now and hopefully upgrading to the TB or maybe something better in the fall when my sister is due for a new phone (she just got a new phone for Christmas through other means).

So, do you think it's worth waiting and paying more to grab the TB, or just enjoy a free DX for a while and upgrade when possible?

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I just got a droid x yesterday and I love it! I was in the same boat as you and I really wanted to get the thunderbolt but I ended up buying the x and im very satisfied with the phone, especially upgrading from a non smartphone! The only thing is no front facing camera and no 4g, but it does have an hdmi port and the tb doesn't, hope this helps!

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I would say get the X, it's an awesome phone. If you want an unlocked bootloader it isn't for you, but you don't sound like you'll be running roms or anything. The X is perfect for me. It's fast, has a great camera, but as mentioned no forward camera, has a beautiful screen and is very large, but not heavy. Plus, you get to save money! :) hope that helped.
No way...the X is worthless. Wait for the TB.

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The X is worthless? How's eclair treating you, champ?

wow owned.

but really, is your area going to be covered by 4g? Have you checked out the X in person yet and demo'd it?

if you're relatively broke, then I would say you shouldn't even be considering a smartphone with the extra data charge and all. However, if your mom is kind enough to pay for it then you should discuss with her more about the X.
many older droids will eventually fade out, like any other phones. the options right now are endless, it is really to your liking on what you wanna do with the phone. wait it out, try the new versions coming out soon. get a feel for it, but when the right one is for you, I do hope you share your thoughts about it. iPhone is ok but Android right now just kills.

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I should make that my sig, what a burn.

DX is a good phone, I wanted a qwerty keyboard or I'd have gone for an X myself~ instead of the D2. Both of them have shoddy cameras though, honestly this may be the last Motorola I get at this venture. Especially over the bad PR stint on the bootloaders recently and the fact that my friend's Evo is just an amazing phone. HTC is just looking like a powerful contender, but I won't have to worry about dropping my D2 for a year or so.

So the DX will serve you well, especially if budget is a concern. If not, if I had to start over today, I'd heavily consider an HTC device, but they have cons of their own too.
Thanks for all of the responses. To clarify, I wouldn't consider myself a complete "power user", but I had kinda planned on tinkering with roms. I haven't done much reading yet on what this involves on the DX, but I know it involves risk and isn't the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. I have been watching the DX since before it was released and a few of my good friends have it, so I am quite familiar with the phone and it's features. I have also been watching the TB for the last month or so, and for what it's worth, another good friend of mine has an Evo that I have messed around with when it was stock and with a variety of custom roms on it.

I am leaning towards getting the DX for now and then using my sister's upgrade in September to get the TB or whatever else catches my eye then. Anyone think that is really a bad idea?

EDIT -Oh and yes, I'm in central NJ, so between Philly, NYC, and our own airport only a few miles from my house, just about my entire county is in the LTE coverage area.

- Justin
A burn? Hardly, it was a diss on my phone which is still better on 2.1 than the DX is on 2.2. Do i think the HTC's are the best phones, yes. Because HTC has the best device support. Everyone knows that samsung sucks. But at least i can say I have the best screen lol. This forum is full of Moto Fanboys so thats really no big deal.

Im telling you, the DX just sucks. I had it on Day 1 when it released. But Moto Blur just ruins everything it touches.