2.1 update poll

who will receive ota update

  • never rooted been waiting long time

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  • rooted back to stock to receive

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  • rooted and keeping it that way

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Dec 11, 2009
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how many users will be receiving the new OTA update.. post your thoughts opionions on why you chose what you did..interesting forr all of us i am sure
Why would anyone that is running this software already and with improvements go backwards?

But I am sure there are those that will....
here we go again 2.1 update thread crazy....had this last month. So thursday kicks off otas and friday kick off the tourny.
damn, your sig is pretty creepy. Not sure how I feel about that haha. Pretty damn cool though
Im staying where I am. I already have ESE53.
For those truly waooried it acts as an ip mirror. You can oly see your ip. I played around by opening a post on firefox, then aol, then on my droid. All was different. So the reality is I am not seeing your ip address I am only seeing my own, same with who ever looks at it.

This message will self destruct in 5 mins.

haha yeah went to the site and saw how it works. pretty cool, but definitely gets your attention.
pilotcharles747;312021 This message will self destruct in 5 mins.[/quote said:
haha yeah went to the site and saw how it works. pretty cool, but definitely gets your attention.

Now you know you can delete this post..........want to continue creeping people out:icon_ devil:
I did the "manual" upgrade to 2.01 (just a few days earlier than the OTA rollout), but I haven't rooted my phone yet. I'm enjoying my Droid a lot the way it is, but yeah, more features and improvements would be nice. Hope 2.1 is a homerun for Moto/Google/Verizon because the device as a whole sure has been :) .
What made them decide to release it Thursday ?
Hope this is true and not misinformation . :)
Never rooted. I'm a scaredy cat in that regard. Hope official 2.1 is awesome.
Me? I'll probably go back to stock for the 2.1 OTA. Don't get me wrong, I love my DroidMod/1ghz Droid, but I'm confident that 2.1 will be rooted eventually ;)