2.1 update poll

who will receive ota update

  • never rooted been waiting long time

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  • rooted back to stock to receive

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  • rooted and keeping it that way

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I posted this elsewhere and maybe this is the best spot to place this question...or maybe not :).
Has anyone stated or confirmed if I go back to stock and get the update and not be satisfied compared to the Ultimate Droid v7.8 (in my case), will I be able to re-root and go back to v7.8 with the new OS?

If Ultimate Droid is using 2.0.1 for it's base then no, you will not be able to do anything like that until they root 2.1.
Here's a question.

Ok, we know there is a radio update to this OTA, that might be one reason to go back and update, then reinstall your ROMs.

So that means the update.zip will also contain this radio update as well? (I'm thinking yes, just looking for confirmation).

Which means that the devs might be able to incorporate it? Or is it locked out?
Never rooted, but I wouldn't say I've been waiting a long time. I use what Moto gives me, I can wait for 2.1 and I can wait for Flash, it'll get here when it gets here.
Remember, stay on topic on this one people. We already have a 2.1 thread. This is based on the 3 items on the poll. Just a reminder.;)