Reduce the threads poll

Here's my question/comment

  • How do I root my Droid?

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  • How do I unroot my Droid?

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  • When will we get the 2.1 update?

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  • I overclocked by Droid, it doesn't work right. Why?

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  • Droid is better than iPhone/iPhone is worse than Droid!

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  • Something about my Droid sux.

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  • Something about my Droid is awesome.

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  • I have another question, and can't work Google.

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Jan 10, 2010
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I figure this poll could reduce the number of threads around here by 90%. Instead of creating a new thread, just vote!

For the truly clueless among you, this isn't a serious poll.

Or maybe it is, because if you're so clueless as to want to create yet another "When is 2.1 coming?" thread, you can come here and just vote for that. It will achieve exactly the same thing (which is absolutely nothing), but won't clutter the board with another worthless thread.

A few of the choices fall into the general category "I followed an idiot's guide to doing x, so I wouldn't have to learn anything. How do I undo/fix what I did without having to learn anything?" Then there's the always popular - "I'm a Googletard and can't find any of the 1000 sites dealing with my issue, can't use search to find any of the 100 threads here one it, so I'll create a new thread so others can research it for me, and provide me an answer."

If you still don't get it, this post/poll is a sardonic comment on the large noise to signal ratio around here.

If you want to take it semi-seriously, vote for the type of thread(s) which are most annoying to you.
I don't think I'm getting the point of what we are voting here. Is it simply to vote for the thread you would like to see reduced?
Yeah, that someone is me.:) I'd like to know what this poll accomplishes. I have no problem understanding what polls are for, I just don't understand this one.
idk either, i just wanted to put in my vote

and mikes it would make this easier to understand if you edit ur first post and put in links to threads that pertain to yo voting options
I'm going to take it as what threads would you like to see reduced, so I voted for the 2.1 thing. I want it badly, but I can wait until it's stable & ready.

But honestly, I don't think the OP knows what polls are for.
Really? "Instead of creating a new thread, just vote!" is hard to understand? :icon_rolleyes:

If someone wants to create a new "When is 2.1 coming" thread, instead, they just come here and vote for that choice. So, instead of 25 new threads on "When is 2.1 coming," that choice would get 25 votes. BINGO, instand thread reduction. :woot:
"For the truly clueless among you, this isn't a serious poll."

The intent of the poll seems pretty clear, and Mikes certainly has a point. The forum is a mixture of people who just got here and people who have read every post from day one. Of people who figured out how to root, people who can just barely follow a step-by-step procedure without screwing it up and people who have no interest in rooting. Of people who enjoy the social experience of being part of something new and interesting. The noise-to-signal ratio of the forum is increasing and to many, that's a shame. But it's just the normal progression of these things.