HTC Hero 2.1 update rolling out in Europe


May 4, 2010
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If you are among the many loyal HTC Hero owners in and around the UK, you no doubt have had your fair share of ups and downs waiting for the promised update to Android 2.1 We are now receiving reports that areas including the UK, the Netherlands, and Sweden are all seeing instances of Hero handsets being pushed the update. We even have word from Serbia that the update is rolling out. The guys over at CoolSmartPhone provide that little bit of “seeing is believing” proof for skeptics.:icon_ banana:


And while this is an OTA update that will be pushed to your phone (if it hasn’t check for a system update in the Settings menus), a reader has uncovered the image file for download directly from HTC. The wait is finally over! Install and enjoy, and be sure to let us know what you think!dancedroid
Hi, got the update, it changed the look of the main settings menu and a couple of nice little 'tweaks' on phone did remove some of my downloaded App widgets (but not the actual applications btw)from my home biggy.just replace them on the home page and viola, back for good.can't really see many improvements but this is probably a good thing seeming as there have been no bad results as of yet.i'm sure as I investigate more app's in detail i will see the reason for the upgrade.i'll let you know as i discover.