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Discussion in 'Android Forum' started by jaydoubledub, Jun 18, 2011.

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    I'd like to say thanks for the great stuff you do! I know that sometimes some of you HAVE to get bored or just want a change of pace. That's cool. If you want a bit of motivation, then hear this- We are all still scouring for the "best" ROM. We all go back and fourth to GB anf Froyo. I've tried nearly every FRG based ROM and a few GB ones as well. It's really awesome how you add your own stuff to a ROM. I sometimes get a rom and am like, "oooh that's a pretty sweet feature!" Then other times I find myself not caring for "X" feature and wanting to simply try out another rom.

    To sum it up, thank you! You folks are awesome! I'm still runnin a D1 (the "OG" is my G1 fyi) You wonder why people are complaining about "when is the next update?!!" Well, that's because we love pink ponies!! No joke!!

    So yeah, that's my bit.

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