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Jun 19, 2013
    1. JerseyFrankU
      J... if i install my Go ex launcher over the liberty.. gonna mess me up? -- aaand - i know the answer must be out there (here) somewhere--but i can't find it.. shouls i be able to hook into my network on this? i've deleted (forget)the wep key and tried over and over...
    2. Cdjones187
      I'm VERRY new to ADB push and was just gonna copy the 2 folders that had changes around the time I bricked but I cant get all files to transfer because it keeps telling me 'No space left on device' but its only certain files and it doesnt matter what size. If you can help me out it would be GREATLY appreciated. I dont have a backup and I leave state monday morning =/
    3. TPX00
      I left the last post on the liberty D2 sticky with pics. and no one has been able to guide me in the right direction. U r the zen master when it comes to all this and I appreciate all you have done! Any advice would be great!
    4. TPX00
      Any chance ur online right now?
    5. Ryman222
      Can i add a Droid X2 ROM to your toolbox using the xml file that i made based on your template? Also is the device name "droid x2" or "daytona"? Thanks for the help, and big ups on Liberty and Justice :D
    6. cdexsw
    7. wrathos
      jrummy16 i was reading the reply you made for the sending an esc command you replaied with how you send text messages if you ccould explain that a bit more for me i appreciate it i went an adb shelled into my phone and i was navigating using keyevents and i waned to enter a sentence but i had no idea how to x.x i could only do one word at a time
    8. cannabispinoy
      jrummy16, i changed the banner using root tools. I did a complete backup before I did. After I made the change and rebooted, now im getting application errors and cannot access my phone. Is there a way around this? How can I restore the backup I made if i cant access my phone?
    9. _matt
      Hey so I like your ROMs the best and want to stay with you, I have the DX and am able to upgrade, what will you be using in the near future or will you stay with the DX?
    10. paul7602
      hey im really interested in trying out this rom but im currently running .595 deodexed leak with lex lite 4.4. will i need to sbf or can i wipe and install 3 part .588 files???
    11. chris.buechler
      Im running liberty 1.5 and think its great. only problem is my handcent is big now so i cant see what im typing besides the keyboard. Any ideas on how to fix it?
    12. achernar
      I was hoping to get the file for restoring the keyboard suggestion and completion for my droid 2 running liberty 2.1. You said to send my addy:

      Thanks tons and I will continue to support as more is released (and I find time to ph0neh4ck)
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    Orange County, CA
    surfing, skim boarding, hanging out with the fam, reading and of course modding my droid.