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May 12, 2010
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SteelDroid ROM / Cortex ROM Developer, Male, from Central Ohio

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Jun 16, 2019
    1. sikassdrummer
      Hay /chevy I am a big fabn of your roms ,
      instead of creating ugly all blue theme roms in between 4.8 and 5.6 just finish 5.6 and give it Bluetooth or if its easier just overclock 4.8/steeldroid 4800 which over 300 of my clients are also running and also ask why didn't he overclock this and eclipse and the other crappy looking roms are ?? What do I say chev? I have no idea he is a busy man ill ask him and maybe he will since the droid 3 has been out long enough to make code for it ...

      we;; thanks for taking the time to read this I hope to someday soon be able to tell my wife and my customers that we either have an overclocked steel droid 4800 or a steel droid 5600 overclocked with "working Bluetooth , Thank You Chevy
    2. Kwaidroid20
      Hey this is a dumb questiion but I am a nweeb in transit. how do you install your steel droid rom on the rooted Droid1 2.2?
    3. lemmony
      Hey Chevy, I love your work and you always put out real classy operating systems. I also find it pretty amazing that you take the time to help newbs like me with issues. :) thats really a stand up thing to do.. I am definitly going to support the work you do come pay day. your a pretty cool guy.
      The 4.5v build you have now does that have a fixed bleutooth voice recognition or would I still need to download an extra from google market?
    4. nutpn
      Is your 1% battery percentage come in a zip to flash on other roms
    5. patfactorx
      Can we get a new Camera app on your Steeldroid for Droid 3? I really wanna see your take on a camera app. I just need a 6 second preview and shutter sounds!
    6. titans
      Sorry won't be editing and pngs or doing any of the small theming i did for the Droid for now. Getting a Droid X so it would be a waste of time for me. Gl.
    7. chevycam94
      I am more making one from scratch. Icons are welcome of course, and any other help you might be able to throw in. If you saw my post of my first custom battery icon, you noticed that it seemed to be more SHARP then any other images on the phone. I did not blur the edges or text or anything else. I figure I would make a ENTIRE theme that way, with as little blurred edges as possible, and give the whole phone that "HI-DEF" look and feel.

      It would give the impression that the phone has a higher resolution than it actually does.

      I want to throw around some others input on ideas as to the overall type of theme. I was going to start with green skulls with green fire, and maybe add in some type of industrial look for message bars, or pulldown menus, and maybe some tribal graphics on select places.
    8. titans
      I saw your sig...are you making the green/black theme look like Nextheme? If so, I have some edited HTC status bar icons to fit any background and some HTC Browser, email, etc icons
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    Home Page:
    Central Ohio
    Business Owner
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    Nexus 6P, VZW Note Edge, D1
    My gadgets!


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    Android Job Box v2.00

    Current Device:

    Huawei Nexus 6P, Frost, 128GB
    ROM: CortexROM v11.00 - 7.1.2 (rooted) + mods
    Sources: Google, chainfire, superr
    Kernel: custom
    Build: N2G47W

    Motorola Droid 1
    Steel Droid v14.0 (GB - RELEASED!!!!!!!)
    Android L/M style theme!

    v15 (Nougat themed) - BACK IN PROGRESS!
    RZ's 2.0.3 Recovery

    If you like my work, please donate! :D