SweeterHome Public Beta 2 [Images Inside]

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by ipawd1, Jan 11, 2010.

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    Currently attempting to learn SweeterHome Public Beta 2 [using the minimalistic theme] ---> SweeterHome2 - Wiki - sweeterhome.com

    Its confusing me. I'm runnning on 2.1 successfully. However I'm having a problem with the Live Wallpapers playing fair with it. This is where I began..

    So far I'm..eh..Not too far ahead. :)


    Attempting to get more...maybe get some more REGULAR apps on the screen... All I've changed so far is the wallpaper and the widget. I wanted to put Beautiful Widgets at the top, and drop "settings from the bottome, but I like the news and weather better from 2.1. So far its.. eh..okay. Three screens from what I've used. Retail space is.."eh."... Still prefer my 5 screens on 2.1 launcher but I'm just playing with this for the day. Figured some might want to know..
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