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    Welcome to GingerBean v3.0!

    View attachment 45334

    If you are flashing this rom, you have already voided your warranty. I am not responsible for any damage this may cause to your phone.

    1) You need root with a knowledge of both fastboot and adb
    2) If coming from a froyo rom, you need to flash the gingerbread radio. To do this, download the radio below, rename it PG05IMG.zip, place it on the root of your SD card and reboot into bootloader (adb reboot bootloader)

    What's included in Ginger Bean?
    1) 2.11.605.9 Based
    2) 2.3.4 operating system
    3) De-Sensed as much as possible while maintaining full functionality
    4) Advanced Power Menu
    5) 4-option reboot menu
    6) Removed recent apps
    7) Includes Imoseyon's GB kernel
    8) Vanilla theme
    9) AOSP Browser
    10) AOSP Email
    11) Google Car Home
    12) AOSP Desk clock
    13) Netflix can be used with this rom (apk not included)
    14) Working MyVerizon.apk
    15) AOSP news and weather
    16) CRT Animation
    17) Camera, camcorder, and mms are all sense but themed to look vanilla
    18) Vanilla Bootanimation
    19) Fixed HTC Setup Wizard (no activation loop)(tanks to aiccus)
    20) Fixed PSCII.apk (Thanks to Chingy)(fixes USB mounting)
    21) Camera is fully functional
    22) AOSP Lockscreen (no plan on incorporating any Sense 3.0 into this rom)

    How to flash
    1) Download rom and place on sd card
    2) Reboot into CWR
    3) Make a Backup!!!!!!!!!!
    4) Wipe Data/factory reset, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik
    5) Flash rom and reboot

    Download Link
    GingerBean 3.0
    MD5: 05874c98f42db67e06e272602b56538c

    GingerBean 2.0
    MD5: 424fe4b309038b5b9288ecc0ffba7a2b

    Gingerbean v1.0.3
    MD5: 1d0f7c63830723513b5c2184de909298

    Gingerbean v1.0.2
    MD5: b3dd5a12d4969de355ec1de88c915e7b

    Gingerbean v1.0.1
    MD5: 541e1fd1f86d0f346eb98bc8fd89dc06

    Fix for Download FC (Flash in CWR)

    Gingerbean v1.0 Final Release
    MD5: dea496e7486cd41a18296411bd41285d

    Pure Gingerbread Theme v2.0- Good to go for the Final Build
    MD5: 57be8361a5e3850bdc728f838cf71519

    Golden gingerbread Theme is now live over in the themes section. Check it out here:
    [THEMES] GingerBean Themes - xda-developers

    Revert back to Vanilla
    MD5: e13b46f5ed3b2d213b4cff35df8029ea

    - Retrokidd for his lock screen and recent apps fix.
    - Cyanogenmod for their source code.
    - TwistedUmbrella for his work on script fusion and the included AutoBot app that gets it working.
    - Thanks to nowetdio, mademan420, and Ryanmo5 for testing this. Without them, this would not have been possible

    As a note, I do not have a thunderbolt, so any problems that require attention need to be very clear and accompanied with a screenshot or detailed explanation so I can fix them.
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    - For those of you who got used to Luncher Pro, I'm sorry, the main launcher used in this release is ADW...it has nice features and seems to play very nicely with this rom.
    - I actually compiled most if not all of the AOSP apps either from the CM source code or straight from Google Source Code.
    - Added the AOSP Calendar, Calculator, Camera, and possibly others
    - Latest market
    - Changed the theme to be the pure GB theme and will post the Vanilla Theme here for those who want it
    - Added Quick Search and File Manager from CM7...compiled by me from their code.
    - Auto Bot (courtesy of TwistedUmbrella)

    * Only known issue is that with the AOSP Camera, the FFC will be sideways. Not sure how this affects things such as Skype...but the Sense Camera can be downloaded and flashed...

    Sense Camera

    - Minor update that fixes a couple minor issues...more info when I remember what exactly I changed...did this late last night lol.
    - Updated the Market to the latest Version

    - Added AppWidgetpicker for a better widget picking experience
    - Updated the kernel to 3.4.0

    -Minor update that fixes the 4g issue and speedtweak.sh issue
    - Pretty major overhaul on the build.prop
    - Removed a couple extra things that were unneeded.
    - Attempted to block ads...not sure if it actually worked
    - Fixed market

    v1.0 Final
    - Fixed several theming issues
    - Fixed a couple bugs as far as any lag you may have been experiencing (hopefully)
    - Added the ability to activate swap
    -just use terminal emulator and type su followed by sh /data/imoseyon/swap.sh create then reboot
    - Fixed browser button issue

    v1.0 Beta 4
    - Added Radio Info into settings
    - Stock GB looking settings (see screenshot attached)
    - Updated to Imoseyon's 2.8.2 test 4 kernel

    v1.0 Beta 3
    - Changed kernel to 2.5.4 test 6 (I didn't realize this was even up)
    - Working gtalk with video (I think the orientation is a little jacked, but is working)

    v1.0 Beta 2
    - Removed Sense Messaging app and replaced with working AOSP Mms.apk (tested by sending a picture to my wife using both 3g and wifi. They sent right away)
    - Added AOSP Contacts/Dialer and removed HTC Contacts, couldn't remove HTCDialer.apk sorry.
    - Fixed Microbes Live Wallpaper
    - Changed kernel to Imoseyon's 2.5.4 test 4 kernel
    - Removed HTC Gallery for Gallery3d.apk (this prevents you from entering gallery directly from the camera app, but I am working on a fix for that now)
    - Added in Android Keyboard as a choice but didn't remove HTC keyboard

    v1.0 Beta 1
    -initial release
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    Reserved for discovered bugs
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    Finally updated!
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