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    I need serious help. I downloaded the black bar mod from this page ( I am running the stock rom and this has been the only mod that I wanted. Downloaded and put it on sdcard. Entered Droid X Bootsrap and installed file. Rebooted and I only see the M logo for what feels like forever. Pulled battery, restarted, same thing.

    Can anyone help me?

    I am really panicing. I tried to restore my nandroid back up and got an error
    In Clockwork Mod Recovery went to backup and restore > restore > Retail Backup 120110/

    Checking MD5 sums...
    MD5 mismatch!

    I only have 30% battery and am worried about running out of juice.

    I can still get into clockwork Mod Recovery so I am praying this can be fixed. I am fairly new at this and if someone can help me, I will need extremely detailed instructions.
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