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February 10
Madison, WI
Low Voltage Network Tech and Customer Support Spec


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Sep 10, 2014
    1. Darrienperry77
      Maderschramm if you have the 2.3.340 if you have a google account can you send it to me on google drive my email is
    2. 7779311mm
      Hi maderschramm, I'm sure you get tons of requests for help. I tried to read first before reaching out to you guys. But I am stuck. I'm running Win 7 Ultimate x64 (fully updated). I am trying to root a DROID BIONIC ICS v4.0.4. I've tried all suggested methods (re-installed the Motorola Device Manager 5 times) to get Mot Composite ADB Interface to install in order to run the one click script.

      Would you kindly suggest another way to resolve this?

      Thanks in advance.
    3. rwcollett
      Hey Mader, I am going from the gingerbread update 4.5.588 back to the Froyo OTA from Verizon in anticipation of their GB release. Will your 2.3.340 do this for me? And do I need to take any further steps than what you described in the thread? Thanks
    4. ChrisEvo8
      I'm trying to download the from my phone and it wont let me. Are there any other links you have to the file. Thanks.
    5. Whirlwind3
      Hey there Mader, let me just say that your OTA 2.3.340 saved my life tonight, but i have just one question about it. Has that made my phone completely stock like when i first used it? or is it more like a ROM? ANd do i have to back it up or anything like that? or will i be good just to use my phone like how i used to (Just regular stuff, no rooting/ROMing)

      or do i never have to worry about this again? as i don't plan on trying another rom for a while, considering how bad i messed up tonight. (6 hours before i found your solution)
    6. thewilltolive
      Your guide on creating and restoring backups really cleared things up for me, except that it didn't work and when I clicked bootstrap recovery (first option) I received an error message:
      Error Running exec().
      Command: [su, -c, ./data/data/
      Working Directory: null
      Environment: Null

      I am running latest froyo on my brand new dx, I think 2.3.340. Your advice is appreciated. I really need to backup my phone before I start to flash roms, etc. Is this the place to start?
    7. spywiz
      You seem to be THE MAN. If you have a minute, this old disabled vet could use some help. I just posted my problem in the Rooted Droid X thread. Let me know, please...Thank you.
      Bob D.
    8. skennelly

      You are awesome! Your tutorial on sbf flashing worked beautifully. I have win7 64 bit and did not have one issue. I am reactivating my phone right now. Thank you and all the droid community for all their help and patience with us noobs.
    9. michaeldeanmcclammy
      loved the links you have put up. in fact i sent them to someone else also. hope you dont mind. i have a question. how would you recomend installing a rom on the dx? or would you and if so which one?
    10. daankdroid
      Oops, I put this in the wrong spot.
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    Madison, WI
    Low Voltage Network Tech and Customer Support Spec
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