My GB update saga

Discussion in 'Droid X Tech Support' started by bl4ckhole, Jun 3, 2011.

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    Well here is my experience with the droid x update to gingerbread. Had some of the same issues after the update after loading i would get a black screen. So i did a battery pull numerous times took the sd card out finally i called Verizon. Told them what i did and they had me do it all over again tech came on said i would have to do a factory reset. I said ok... He was guiding me through the factory reset instructions now this is his instructions. He said "power it down then when powering on hold down the power button and home screen you should then see a !." Which i did however the next step he told me was to press the search button. I told him it isn't doing anything. Told me to do it again same thing. So his answer is my phone was dead and they would overnight another one to me. Anyways after getting an old blackberry up an running i continued to research online, issues with droid x update and i came across something i didn't see before. It said for a factory reset hold down the power and home key bringing you to the ! screen after then press the up and down key on the right side of the phone at the same time and this will bring you into factory reset mode. What do you know that worked and you just press the up and down arrow key to what you want to select and press the power key to select it. Selected factory reset and what do you know it reset it back to gingerbread. Verizon could've avoided sending out a lot of phones yesterday had they had the right instructions in front of them!!! No search key! up and down arrow keys. On the other hand my manager updated his phone but he cant delete the corporate account and the calendar isnt working from exchange. So he is going to have to do a factory reset as well. However gingerbread still did not fix the one issue it said it was going to fix and that was when you add something on the droid in calendar i can delete it in outlook but cant edit it in outlook. They said they fixed that with the new version same thing is still happening. The battery life seems lower as well. It drains very quickly.