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Dec 1, 2020 at 6:31 AM
    1. FoxKat
      Hey Tis, where have you been???
    2. TisMyDroid
      Wow, these guys at DF work lightning fast! I now can VM thanks to everyone's help! Thank you 94lt1, FoxKat and CK for getting me up and running! And thank you FoxKat and electircman for the congratulations! This has been lots of fun for me. And what do you mean electricman, you are a somebody... a great somebody... and one that keeps me smiling and laughing everyday! And thank you FoxKat on the recognition of the likes. I had no idea... but I hope you don't expect me to keep up the pace, lol! I have come close to bombing a couple times. I am just having fun! This place is great! And thank you everyone for the likes... They are nice to get, especially when it is because you helped someone or made them smile!
      1. electricman58 and TxDoc like this.
    3. FoxKat
      Yes, as 94lt1 indicated, there is a problem with TisMyDroid's visitor page where she does not see the open window at the top and so can not post replies. Direct from her is this quote; "For some reason I am unable to post or respond to my visitor messages. Staff is currently trying to see what the problem is. I would like to say thank you very much to everyone for their comments and kudos! I hope to be posting here soon."
    4. 94lt1
      READ THIS PLEASE: Tis is currently unable to respond to visitor messages, we're working on fixing this, and she's asked me to day thank you to all of the people offering kudos... :)
    5. FoxKat
      You my dear, are killing it on the Likes! You are at a ratio of .249/1 or out of every 4 posts, one gets a Like. That beats me with a .21/1 ratio, or a little better than one for every 5 posts.

      You may be among the highest in approval ratio on the forum for anyone with a respectable number of posts. Sure, there are the few who get like 10 likes on one post and might have made 3 total, but that doesn't count. Over time the ratios level out and the "flash in the pan" posts are diminished and they look like any other poster.
    6. electricman58
      Omg!!! Congrats MARTA :-D "Rescue Squad" Nice Goin! I wanna be a somebody too? :(
    7. FoxKat
      Here's A BIG WELCOME and CONGRATULATIONS to one of our newest members to the Moderator's group! You deserve it! dancedroid
    8. 94lt1
      Yep, you've got it figured out.. :) you make this forum quite habit of fun Tis, :) ya really do!! And this is definitely a great place to learn!! And by gosh, it seems to me that you know what you're doing :)
    9. TisMyDroid
      I have no idea if this will make it to you. I just noticed your message. Thank you. I have been having a lot of fun with you all and am actually getting more familiar with what I'm doing and how to on this forum. I usually only access it from the app on my phone, rarely from the website. But now that I have discovered the whole "likes" deal, I'm loving it!.
    10. 94lt1
      Apparently that first thread put some wind in your sails!! You've always been a great contributer, but you seem more.... up tempo, with a more positive tambre, if that's possible :). Keep it up!
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