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    K-9 Mail Android App is an open source email client for Android with multi-folder sync, email signatures, Bcc-to-self, return-address configuration, keyboard shortcuts, Exchange Support, message flagging, IMAP deletes, saving attachments, configurable notifications and more. Most Android users will eventually find their way away from the stock applications that come preloaded on their brand new devices. Whether it’s an alternative SMS application, browser, note taker, or something else – you’re almost guaranteed to find something you like in the Android marketplace. Now you can add K-9 Mail to that list of stock app replacements. This one can [and likely will] replace your stock Android GMail app AND stock POP3 Email app. The advantage of replacing two apps with one is to cut down on time switching between the two and to become an overall more productive Android user.

    Great app gives you the ability to delete email off your outlook when you run your email through a pop server vs exchange

    Anyway love itdancedroid

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