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    1. sdemino
      Thanks for this answer! I just got off the phone with support and they wanted me to Hard rest my phone. You saved me a lot of work!!
    2. aminaked
      Hi, I haven't been to droidforums in over a month so I didn't get your message until now. Once the file is on your PC there are different ways to get to it:
      -I set up a little java code to ftp it to my web server. Then, I just go to the web site to download.
      -you could set up an ftp server on your PC. Then you could connect to it and download to your phone. You'd probably have to set up your router to allow this.
      -you could use software to control your home pc from your droid. You should then be able to access/copy the file
      -you might be able to set up your pc to email you the file every day

      I can send you the java code I use. It is quite simple. You would need a web server to upload to though as I can't host it for you.
    3. CatsvsDogs
      I notice that you are a stern fan and I am curious once you have recorded the live feed, is there a way to listen to that recording from the droid? I do have a sirius subscription and I am able to record the show on computer. Not sure how to procedd to listen from my droid. Thanks.
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