HELP! Phone Doesn't Boot after Root Attempt

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    EDIT #4 - SOLUTION: My phone was purchased from Amazon. I sent an E-mail to Amazon regarding the issue and at the same time called their support. I was told Amazon covers the first month of support, while Verizon covers the next 11 months, as the Phone is warranted up to 1 year. Amazon provided me with a support contact, which I called. I was only asked if my phone had any water damage, which it did not. I am being shipped a new phone Overnight, and should arrive by Wednesday, considering I did not place the call until Monday 9:45 PM. I was told that the phone will be inspected, and if water damage is found, I will be charged $299. Even if I am charged, $299 is better than more than double the cost.

    On a side note, I hadn't even gotten to the part where I was actually attempting to root. If I remember correctly, this is Option #2. Using Option #1 is what bricked my phone.

    I was basically doing the first step on mattlgroff's tool when I got into recovery mode and wasn't able to arrow down to the necessary folder. I have a bunch of folders on my SD Card and I'd literally moved the entire folder that said "MOVE_TO_EXTERNAL_SDCARD". At the bottom of my list, which was probably letter "H", I wasn't able to arrow down any further to the next letter, specifically the "M"s. So, I went ahead and backed out and did a reboot. Now my phone is dead. Can someone get me some help?

    After a few minutes, I tried again to reboot. This time, I at least saw the red Motorola symbol. Then, my phone went black.

    Edit #2: Can't get the red Motorola symbol again. I've now unplugged it from my computer and have plugged it into the wall. I don't get any lights.

    Edit #3: Found something about holding in the power button and volume down for 20 seconds. While I'm holding down the buttons, I see a quick flash that's a thick line, doesn't even cover the screen. I presume it's the Android image trying to show up. I then also see the Motorola sign. Then, it goes black, again.
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