S4 giving problems in the first 2months of buying it.

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S4' started by Miss_KittyWhite, Jul 11, 2013.

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    My S4's screen cracked not even 10 days after I received it. I hadn't dropped/knocked the phone anywhere. I have had this replaced, was covered by warranty, but now I have one strike on liquid/screen damage.

    Last week I had to take my phone in again. This time it wouldn't charge or sync. Took it in again, & they opened it up (after clearing my phone of all my data & apps) & discovered it had somehow gotten water damage on the motherboard...just my luck!

    My phone still charges, but at an immensely slow rate.
    Today, however, it keeps showing that the phone is connected to a dock, even though it isn't at all.

    Could this be due to the water damage on my motherboard, which I am still awaiting a part for?
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