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Dec 18, 2012
    1. Lookhere
      Business what do you think.. Drops
    2. hgdempsey
      I need to set slacker as my default music player. Everytime My Motorola Droid running 2.2 connects to the bluetooth the standard player starts. Before 2.2 slacker would start and I could control slacker with the car controlls. But not after the upgrade. Can you please help everyone else seems to ignore the question.
    3. gunit34328
      Hey christim!

      I was having some trouble with creating a nandroid backup.

      I rooted my droid using these instructions:

      Another Android 2.2 FRG22D Rooting Method for the Motorola DROID - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog

      and I rooted and everything worked fine. I tried creating a custom recovery with ROM manager but I didn't get that to work. I used instructions found on this website:

      How to: Root DROID From 2.2 Limitless DROID

      starting from where it says "Installing a custom recovery." I couldnt get the "Reboot into Recovery" screen to popup even after holding X. That's how I came to find your thread and ended up messaging you since you know a lot about rooting. Any idea on what's going on? I just wanted to create a nandroid backup before I did anything else.
    4. Risingsun
      Good morning. I just saw your new update on rooting with the terminal emulator and mentioned that stevewitt ( don't remember if that's correct ) rooted the DX without any problems but you also mentioned you might try to figure out a different way. So does this mean the method presented is ok and I can proceed to root my DX?
    5. Risingsun
      Hi, again. U may or may not have gotten my reply from this morning but just in case this was an error I made I will reply here and this is concerning how im unable to download the rs-files which include rageinthecage-arm5.bin, superuser.apk and su. What I do is that I open up the root files folder click on one the documents ( does not matter wich of the three ) then I scroll down and proceed to press the download button only to see nothing happening I get no error messeges. I also noticed there are two download buttons one at the bottom and one at the top but neither one works. Also I'm trying to root a droid x with froyo using the terminal emulator because I currently don't have a computer any help would be appreciated. Sorry if you did get the previous messege and haven't had time to respond again I apologize if that was the case. Thank you
    6. Risingsun
      Hi. I have been having problems trying to download the rs-files to root my droid x. Is there something I'm doing wrong or do I need to change some of my phones settings to be able to download these files. If not is there a possibility I can download these some other way? I currently don't have a computer and I decided to root using the terminal emulator, how can I download these files through my phone. The files are the following... rageinthecage-arm5.bin, superuser.apk and su.
    7. kaosknox
      Hello im a new person to the forums I just unrooted my phone, and now back to stock 2.0.1 trying to get back to 2.1 so that I can force the update of 2.2 to my phone everything is good back on the stock version even booted my phone and I know for a fact I am no longer rooted I have been waiting for the over the air 2.1 update and keep checking and it is not coming through what do i do to get back to stock 2.1?
    8. christim
      Click User CP at the top of the forums and use the left hand menu bar:

      Settings and options > Edit Options > Default Thread Subscription Mode
    9. cappa86
      is there anyway to cancel the email i receive when i get a post
    10. christim
      2.01 will automatically upgrade to 2.1
    11. Kcshuffle
      You just helped me not to long ago. Once I get to 2.0.1 how do I get back to 2.1 stock?
    12. geradenoz
      Hey man you seem like the guy to talk to, im a total noob when it comes to the droid, but i have some sense of computers = /, id like to root my droid for the mere sense of the overclocking ability and to underclock when not in use. Problem! rooting is like a foreign language to me and would like a detailed step by step if you have the time to= ] im runnin vista and also have this little problem where i dont have the option to install software because i check the box for it not to pop up = / haha well get back to me when ever you have time, Thank you Geraden would be the fastest way i could respond to you , thanks for your time again
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    IT-fixitman-haunted hayride set designer



    If you apply a rom or theme - backup first!
    If you don't know how to backup...Stop until you do.
    hint: I name my backups like this: sg6.0_20100428 or ss4.2_20100626 to easily find them later. rom and date.

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