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Discussion in 'HTC Droid DNA' started by _KevC90, Feb 10, 2013.

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    Just wanna know what apps you guys have disabled/removed from your DNA in order to improve battery and memory.

    I know everyone might have their different thing but what are the keys ones to help improve it.
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    Apr 4, 2010
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    Tampa, FL
    Improved performance

    I disabled the following:

    -AlbumMap View
    -Amazon (with shopping cart logo)
    -Amazon kindle
    -Amazon MP3
    -Amex Serve
    -App Sharing
    -Archive Viewer
    -Automotive Traffic
    -Backup Assistant Plus
    -Backup Assistant Plus (there are 2 of them)
    -Dropbox for HTC Sense
    -Face Unlock
    -Facebook (When I want to use facebook I go to the browser where I have a bookmark, it's less intrusive than the app)
    -Google Bookmarks Sync
    -Google Calendar Sync
    -Google Contacts Sync
    -Google One Time Init
    -Google Partner Setup
    -Google Play Books
    -Google Play Movies & TV
    -Google Play Music
    -Google Play Services
    -Holo Spiral Live Wallpaper
    -HTC Account
    -HTC Mobile Sync
    -HTC Sync
    -HTC Mode
    -Icon Glossary
    -Internet Radio
    -Lava flow Live Wallpaper
    -Linkedln for HTC Sense
    -Location Picker
    -Market Feedback Agent
    -Movie Editor
    -Music Visualization Live Wa...
    -My Verizon Mobile
    -NFL Mobile
    -Notes Widget
    -Phase Beam Live Wallpaper
    -Picasa Uploader
    -Reign of Amira
    -Setup Wizard
    -Slacker Radio
    -Streak Live Wallpaper
    -Sync Service
    -SyncAll Widget
    -Tips & Help Widget
    -TuneIn Radio
    -Verizon Tones
    -Voice Recorder
    -VZ Navigator

    *I went into settings and disabled anything from syncing automatically. I went into the Google Play Market>settings and disabled admob (serving interest based ads)

    *I'm usually up from about 8am until 1am and I use my droid to send texts, plays pandora for 2 30 minute drives, check yahoo and gmail (2 accounts) as well as play SImpsons tapped out and post on facebook through the browser and my battery lasts all day. I have a wireless charging pad I use when I get home.

    *I search for directions using the browser and just like your pc, I get routes to where I need to go even with maps disabled....I don't use google music, instead I download mp3 apps from the market that let me rip free music. Anything that isn't on my list above can either not be disabled OR I have uninstalled it and I don't remember what it was called. I'm not rooted, I'm using stock 4.1.1

    *I never use Verizon backup assistant...I backup my settings via google and I leave locations services off. I have not ran into ANY problems operating the device for directions, info, accessing the google play store nothing, this is by far the best device I've owned.
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