Be Careful: SafeStrap Flashed ICS Stock ROM w/o FXZ Doesn't Work

Discussion in 'Droid Bionic Hacks' started by markwebb, Apr 15, 2013.

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    have alerted the creator of this file: this file does NOT work if you are updating to the new offical JB OTA release. It really is a ROM of the stock ICS and not a true STOCK ROM which has been altered.

    I am NOT dissing the creator of this file: it works beautifully if you are on ICS and SafeStrapped and have lost the stock ROM slot.

    BUT, it does NOT work if you rely on it as the true stock ROM>>>>You have to FXZ back using RSD to ICS in order to accept the Jelly Bean OTA.

    Again, NOT dissing the creator of this as it works beautifully when in ICS and using SS, but just alerting everyone after discovering it this AM and tried to update and for those who plan on updating to the real Jelly Bean OTA. :)

    FIXED: Dev updated file on 4-17 and works flawlessly!
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