Android and Zombies

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    My OG was my first smartphone, My wife tried to get me to get a blackberry for a long while, but I was not impressed. Now that i am Droid hooked I wounder how I ever got along with out it, besides calls and texting I find myself reaching for it numerus times a day, for all of its other fuctions, my whole life is stored in it and it is my personal assistance. Last night I picked it up, and looked at my jort calander, all my personal data was gone!, work scheaduls, bill due dates, doctor appoints, hours opon hours of data entery gone. At that moment I was no longer the master of my phone, it became the master of me. I was in shock, my brain shut down, and I didn't know what to do. After a moment I regain my composer, and checked smooth calander, and the stock google calnder, all empty, I signed in to gmail on the computer and everthing was still there at least. I tried a restart, restored data from backups, and titium, nothing after a forced sync, and another restart my stuff slowly started comming back. Still don't know what the issue was, guess my OG wants to retire and let the razr take its place. When the zombie appoculips comes, will our dependence on our beloved phones, hurt is in the end. 3-7 days, most of the power grids go do. two to three weeks after the first zombie, you will have no service and a dead battery, you belove friend will be gone. possible never to return. no gps, no calling for help, no googling first aid. we will be alone..........
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