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    I have been putting some deep thought, and hitting the forum hard, thinking about upgrading. I have the OG and it is rooted stock, I don't hate it, and rooting allowed me to fix some its shortcomings, ( apps to SD, overclock, ect) but it is getting slower, freezes sometimes, and it has had an issue of losing it data connection, when it comes off wifi, for the past year. and I kinda want a new toy. I'm looking hard at the razor. I don't look to root a new phone at least not right away, don't want to deal with the issues with each OTA, and I shouldn't need root with plenty of onboard storage and a duel core processor. I also very seldom use my slide out keyboard. My wife got a D3 a few months back, after 3 referbs OGs She picked it over the Tbolt because she is a keyboard fan, and the Verzion guy said that a 4G phone won't have as good reception as in a 3G area as a stright 3G phone. Where I live, will be one of the last places to see 4G so I will be operating 97.6% of the time in 3G coverage. So my question is: If I go ahead and get a LTE phone will it work as good as my OG does now?
    Question #2 I started my contract before they done away with the new every two, and I haven't upgraded, the D3 was full retail, So will they honor it for me one last time?
    Question #3 I use jort calander, and have entered a lot of informaton entered into it that I don't want to loose, I have it set to sync to my gmail, so I belive that when I put my gmail in the new phone the calander contents should download with my contacts? Am I correct?
    Question #4 I also have two password keeper apps, that I would like to retain the data, again i will not be rooting the new phone so TB is not an option. any other ways?