2010 B.D. (B4 Droid)

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    Shopping, comparing, shopping some more.
    Motorola Droid or Incredible.

    Hey I've never even texted before.

    Need a second Droid for the wife who just started e-mailing a month ago.

    So we're still on the deck about to step onto this Brave New World (apologies Mr. H).

    First task. Deciding on which Droid we need/want.
    #2. Where to buy them.
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    Nov 30, 2009
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    Well, if you want it now and don't want to wait then I would say get a Moto Droid. You can get one from Amazon.com with a new contract for 19.95 or a renewal of a contract. However if you don't mind waiting 4-6 weeks then the Droid Incredible might be what you want. I would say from what I've read that it's probably the better of the two phones but you do not get a hard keyboard. Women in particular seem to have some issues with the virtual keyboard due to nails, not all but some do.

    Here's something else to think about. By the time you get the Incredible there may be one or two new Android phones that are even better then the Incredible. Oh and you won't get a good price on the Incredible like you will the Droid. Even if you purchase from Verizon they have a buy one, get one free going on for the Droid.

    Decisions decisions. Good luck.