Samsung Galaxy S20 & Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Official Teaser Commercial / Promotion Video in HD. Samsung Unpacked 2020 Official Video Teaser.

It’s been rumored for some time now that Samsung’s big Galaxy S20 (or Galaxy S11) launch will take place in mid-February but now, there’s a leaked teaser to seemingly confirm...

If the rumors are true a change is coming in Samsung’s future plans, there will indeed be no Galaxy S11, but a Galaxy S20 instead, followed by a Galaxy S30, and so on. Remember: the current Galaxy S9, and the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 will mark the last of these models designated by a single digit. Hence, changing the naming convention, if planned, could happen at this...

It's been a while since I made a post here. But on today I just wanted to wish all a happy Thanksgiving. For those that celebrate this day what are you most thankful for?

Actually let's break it down in a more fun way. I know we all are thankful for family, health, etc. So the first line make it the usual (ie family, health, etc), but for the second line what in tech are you most thankful for (and...
The latest product from Google to be shelved is: Google Cloud Print. Started roughly 10 years ago, this service was a pretty great way to print from your mobile devices. I used to astound my co-workers by being able to print from my phone from my house to a copier at the office. Although I can't blame Google for giving up on this based on my usage alone because... showing how it works was about the...
Tired of waiting on your carrier to roll out RCS? Wait no more!

As is being reported everywhere a method to forcibly enable RCS on nearly every Android phone. Some suspect this method may have actually been leaked by Google because there's of course a Google related caveat: this only works...
It's been a while since I had the pleasure of posting an article on the news section. And I am proud to be able to use this to announce a few upgrades. First, I want to congratulate @bkdodger as our new DF admin. He has continued to make an effort to not only post here but on our sister forum as well. So definitely an upgrade.

The second upgrade will be adding @Preach2k to the SMOD team. He has been contributing to the news section for some time, and...
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