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Sep 26, 2018
    1. Shooter308
      I hope you are feeling well and back to normal. I hope you can update your Black Glass X theme for the Froyo 2.3.340 soon, because it was the best theme on my DX until I had to upgrade. Take Care.
    2. Droid DOES!!
      Droid DOES!!
      Hope all is well with you! Get well soon man!
    3. lordtear
      This is so freaky.... went looking for themes for the Droid X phone I will be getting on the 11th of Feb. Found this forum and liked the design you did and lo and behold, it had the same area code I have. I thought "Cool, someone from western NC!!". Then it hit me -- that's not just the same area code, but that's in the same TOWN as me!! You have got to PM me! I can't believe a moderator for this forum lives in S.P. Got to get together and learn how you made this. This will be my very first smartphone... never had use for one until now. I have to start designing websites soon for them and need a reference to test with. Figured I would get the best and have some fun while I'm at it. BTW... graduated MHS in 1990 and know a lot of car enthusiasts. You may know some of the same folks! Cool to run across another fine citizen of Spruce Vegas!!!
    4. ematanane
      Are you going to put out an update for the 928Droid Theme for the FRG83 OTA update? Keep up the great work! The best theme out there by far!
    5. gramsey1911

      I have a couple questions. I am very new to android coming from winmo a couple weeks ago. I like your theme and I was wondering is there a way to customize where it says "928Droid BGX 2.3" to anything you want it to say. If so could you point me in the right direction.

    6. sqldroidx
      Just posted in your forum:
      Is it possible to get a themed swype in black and orange like the red and black? I would love a orange and black theme but to much to ask as I know you very busy but figured swype might not take as much of your time. There are other swypes aroound in that color scheme but your items just work and install simpler than anyone else's I have found thus far so I figured it couldn't hurt to request one:):)
    7. Jolly
      I get my X next Tuesday it's in transit from Verizon. So I've looked around and this is the theme I'm going to use until we get a built from source Rom. I am going to root and over clock. My question is will I have any issues using launcher pro with this theme?
    8. chkmate
      Hey 928Droid! Hate to PM you I know your busy.

      I have a Droid X, Official 2.2 OTA and no root.

      I rooted my first DX, removed bloatware and replaced apk's before the OTA. Unfortunately the OTA is what screwed up my first by being stuck at the /\/\. I know how to root and have all the tools. Root Explorer, Titanium BU, Bootstrap and ROM Manager. Just need a little guidance in the steps to take.

      This is my second DX, so I'm being cautious. I want to theme to 928. But I don't understand if I am suppose to have ROM 1st. Or do I just apply zip to sd, run bootstrap, backup and then run the zip file for 928? I see quite a few versions of the 928 out there I'm guessing I just need the most recent 928DroidBlackGlassX-DroidX-OTA2315-DeOdexEERR-THEME in order for it to deodex for me, correct?

      I read and read, have for months. But don't want to skip anything.

      Thank you for what you and the other devs do. You guys are simply amazing and I do make sure to donate.
    9. bharkin
      You are the bomb! Keep up the great work.
    10. Cali E
      Cali E
      your work is gangster. thanks a million!
    11. brandonkill
      hey i have an evo with froyo 2.2 i was hoping you could help me out and make a transparent dialer for me for the basic sense not sure what files u would need but i can extract and send u whatever if you were willing to help me out would be great thank you
    12. doctordoctor
      I appreciate your help
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