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There has been a bit of buzz surrounding Verizon Wireless' early store closures scheduled for Sunday 6/26, as reported by Today it seems that Droid-Life has disclosed the reason behind the early closings!

First and foremost, Verizon Wireless will be announcing their summer ad campaign, "Rule the Air". Subsequently, Big Red will be dropping "Wireless", and simply referring to itself as Verizon. According to Droid-Life, this will be simply for the advertising campaign, and should not be considered a permanent name change.

Secondly, there is rumors that Verizon will focus these super-secret meetings on their Droid line of phones, dubbing this summer, the "Summer of the Droid". Furthermore, the IPhone 4, as its predecessors, will be once again denied by the nation's largest 3G network.

So what do you guys think of the re-branding? Let us know :motdroidvert:


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I've often found myself asking why I should bother ordering my phone from a third party source. I prefer to order right from Verizon that way there are no hassles or hold-ups... but lately it seems that even Verizon can't keep items in stock and the lines at my local store are WAY too long.

With the Droid X, it appears that Best Buy is coming in to the rescue. They are going to give you some really good incentives to order from them. What might they be? Well, how about the fact that you won't need to do Verizon's $100 mail-in rebate, instead enjoying the phone for the $199.99 price without having to jump through that hoopla.

The best news? Best Buy Pre-Orders start today... so get to ordering! If you order with Best Buy please let us know in this thread so we have an idea of how many DF'ers will be upgrading to the X.

Edit: Don't forget, you may be eligible for an early upgrade, check out this thread for more information:

Here's Best Buy's full press release on the situation:

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Like most of us, I'm sure you can't wait to get your hands on the new Droid X. And we know the first thing you'll want to do the moment you get your Droid X will probably not include taking it apart. However, for the tinkerers out there, you're in luck, because somebody has already done it for us! Droid X over at has graciously torn down the latest and greatest Motorola smartphone for the world to see.

And to top that, he includes a detailed set of instructions for tearing it down yourself, if you're so inclined. So, anybody on up for the challenge?

via Engadget
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With the Droid X now officially in our Droid family, we have expanded the forum to include 6 new dedicated sections for the new Motorola Droid X!

Droid X General Discussions
The Motorola Droid X Forum. This section contains all general discussions.

Droid X Tech Issues
Motorola Droid X Tech Forum. This section will contain discussions for technical problems, bugs, and other issues.

Droid X Accessories
Discuss Motorola Droid X Accessories, Droid X Cases, Droid X Skins, Bluetooth, Droid X Docks and more!

Droid X Hacks
Discussions on hacking and rooting the Motorola Droid X.

Droid X Roms
Discussions and Information for custom Android Roms on the Motorola Droid X....
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Today, Google boasted that there are now over 65,000 apps on the Android Market, and that over 160,000 Android handsets are sold every day. These numbers may be astonishing, considering that as early as November 2009, you could've counted the number of Android apps on two hands (kidding... but back then, there were only 10,000 apps). Also, note that there are currently over 224,000 apps available in the Apple App Store. So, in the eyes of app developers where does Android stand today? How does Android compare to the other mobile OSes? Appcelerator attempts to answer these tough questions. From June 15-17, Appcelerator conducted an anonymous Mobile Development Survey of 2,733 of its 51,000+ developers, in order to determine developer's perceptions of the top six mobile platforms: Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry RIM, Nokia Symbian/Maemo, Palm WebOS, and Microsoft Phone 7.

Appcelerator is a software company that specializes in cross-platform developing (between mobile and desktop) with its newest Titanium software suite. Appcelerator works with developers of all the major mobile platforms, and thus should be unbiased in their results.

So how does Android fare, compared to the likes...
by mth04 at Jun 23, 2010
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For those that have been patiently awaiting the official release of Android 2.2 "Froyo" for the Motorola Droid, your wait is almost over! We have just received more confirmation that the release is just weeks away. The A-Bomb (Android 2.2) should be dropping sometime in late July. The Motorola Droid X will launch with Android 2.1, however an over-the-air Android 2.2 update is scheduled for late August, almost one month after the launch date.
by wuyanks at Jun 23, 2010
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We all know of Android's video codec limitations (i.e., no AVI or MKV support). Many Android players promising AVI playback have been, to put it lightly, disappointments. Over the past few weeks, however, there has been much buzz surrounding Android's newest video player, RockPlayer, that reportedly plays AVI and MKV files without a hiccup. However, up until today, the beta for RockPlayer had been private, and the versions floating around were not authorized by the developer (i.e., warez).

Today, this has all changed! I am pleased to announce that the developer, "Water.E" has released RockPlayer Beta to the public! I personally have been using RockPlayer for sometime now, and have been impressed by the app's exceptional playback. For example, while displaying an AVI file full-screen, I get a fluid 24fps playback, with minimal audio sync issues and relatively no skipping. In my opinion, RockPlayer is the best video player for Android. Also note, RockPlayer is also equipped to play the standard Android video format, MP4, as well. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Video courtesy of...
by mth04 at Jun 23, 2010
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Does all this buzz over the new Droids have you checking your upgrade eligibility? Well, we got the full details of the new Early Upgrade offers available for Verizon Wireless smart phone users. The offer will run between June 23, 2010 to August 31, 2010 and will require the typical new 2 year customer agreement.

Promotional Details:

  • Each eligible Mobile Telephone Number (MTN) can upgrade only once during the promotional period
  • Upon taking advantage of the promotion, the MTN will not be eligible to upgrade that line again for 12 months; which must be disclosed to the customer
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer/promotions (including Bill Incentive Credits)
  • Requires data package $29.99 or higher
  • Contract end dates will be extended 24 months.
  • Device eligibility dates and NE2 will be extended 20 months

Eligibility Requirements

All customers who qualify will be loaded into the Next Best Activity (NBA) Tool. COOS will be ensuring that eligible customers are included in NBA; if the customer is not listed, they are not eligible for the promotion.

  • Any customer with a service contract end date of 12/31/10 or earlier, including: Consumer, Employee Liable (ELEU), Corporate Non-Contracted, Corporate Liable (CLEU) up to 99 lines
  • -Excludes Fed Govt and Local/State Govt purchasing off the GSA-FSS
  • Not currently NE2 (New Every Two), EUP (Equipment Upgrade), AUP (Annual...
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Folks, the long wait is over. The source code Android 2.2 (FroYo) has finally been released over at Google's AOSP. The bad news is, you cannot just yet download FroYo to your handsets. The good news, developers can start utilizing this code to build ROMs for most Android-based headsets on the market, from the Magic and Dream, to the EVO 4G and of course, our beloved Moto Droids. The code will be available to Google's hardware partners, including Motorola, HTC, Sony, Dell, Acer, etc, but in addition will be of much service to Android's hacking community.

The famed Android developer/hacker extraordinaire, Cyanogen, is already hard at work producing a FroYo-flavored ROM fully based from source. With help from others in the development community (specifically Koush for the Motorola Droid), expect to see FroYo-flavored ROMs (dubbed CyanogenMod 6, or CM6) soon for the Nexus One, Droid, Dream, Magic, Desire, Evo, and Slide.

If you're a developer, check out Git for information on how to download the newest source code. For Android enthusiasts, make sure you follow Cyanogen for latest updates on when you should expect to see FroYo on your handset! And of course keep your eyes peeled on...
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DROID X By Motorola Lands On The Nation’s Largest & Most Reliable 3G Network

BASKING RIDGE, NJ, and LIBERTYVILLE, IL — Verizon Wireless, the company with the nation’s largest and most reliable wireless 3G network, and Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT), a pioneer in the mobile industry, today unveiled DROID X by Motorola. DROID X does more with ultra high-speed Web browsing; a fast 1GHz processor; 3G Mobile HotSpot capabilities; loads of memory; intuitive social messaging; Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 ready; and access to Android Market™, which has more than 65,000 applications, along with a host of unique Verizon Wireless applications such as NFL Mobile, Skype mobile™, V CAST Video, EA Need for Speed Shift™ and more.

“Nine months ago, we made a commitment to our customers to bring the openness of Android to the Verizon Wireless network,” said John Stratton, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Verizon Wireless. “Since then, we have introduced the top-selling Android phone in the marketplace today – the DROID by Motorola. DROID X takes that commitment to another level with exclusive content, faster processing speeds, and, of course, the reliability of our network.”

Sanjay Jha, co-chief executive officer of Motorola and chief executive officer of Motorola Mobile Devices and Home business added, “Motorola designed DROID X to push the extreme limits of Android innovation, and enable you to do even more with...
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