What's Red and Blue, and Makes Android Users Happy? Sapphire and Ruby Double Release!


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Apr 6, 2010
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This forum thread is for the Droid ONLY!

All Ruby Inquiries please go HERE: http://www.incredibleforum.com/foru...users-happy-sapphire-ruby-double-release.html

A little over a month ago we made a promise, get us an HTC Incredible and we will give you a Rom. You, our fans and supporters came together and got us that phone. Today marks a major event for us and for you as well, for all of you that have donated and supported us we now give you Ruby, for the HTC Incredible! and for us it means we have now gone multi-device! We have been known all this time as the Sapphire Rom and this has always been incorrect, from here on out we will be known as Crystal Clear Roms(CCRoms), and each device will be its own specific gem in our lineup.


For Ruby we don't want to just straight port our original Sapphire rom to the Incredible, but that isn't a bad place to start. All standard features such as internal storage, camera, mms, sms, everything else you would expect to work does plus what has been added already to Sapphire. More phone specific optimizations will be added in the future, such as trackball wake, etc.

Link to Ruby Download Page: What's Red and Blue, and Makes Android Users Happy? Sapphire and Ruby Double Release!

For all of you Sapphire users out there we haven't forgotten about you either. With this release you will see a refining of the volume rocker music skipping. We have incorporated the modifications from Alankila for Digital Signal Processing, makes for some pretty awesome music! Stagefright has been re-enabled, and all of the kernels now have the new interactive governer as an option in SetCPU as well.

Link to Sapphire Download Page: releases:sapphire-1.1.0 [CVPCS Sapphire Wiki]

Enjoy everyone!
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[Problems and Solutions]

[1] GMail force close
Go to Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, All and find GMail in the list. Open this up and select Clear Data. Wait for GMail to resync.

[2] GMail 2.2.1 APK won't install
rm /system/app/GMail.apk
mv Gmail.v.2.2.1.apk /system/app/GMail.apk
reboot (as plaidman says, just to be safe)
(Note: You may want to see problem [1] and follow that after the reboot just to be safe)

[3] Google Search not updating in the market
(Stealing plaidman's AWESOME post on this one. Thanks!!!)
I answered my own question: GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk

So after you do a fresh Sapphire install, if you want the updated Google Search Widget, you can do the following commands on your favorite command line tool (I like ConnectBot). Mind you, these instructions might be a hell of a lot easier with something like RootExplorer, but I'm a cheap ass and I'm comfortable with *nix command lines. Skip this first part if you uninstalled with TitaniumBackup.

rm /system/app/GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk
reboot (dunno if you really need this, but just to be safe)

When the phone comes back, download the new Google Search in the marketplace. Now, unfortunately, the search button will be broken because it's still looking for the old /system/app application, but the new one was installed to /data/app. So we need to open our favorite command line tool again and move the .apk file.

mv /data/app/com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox-1.apk /system/app/GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk
reboot (again, not sure you need to do this, but it's safe)

And now your search button will work as it used to. Happy searching!

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Woohoo! Thank you to the Crystal Clear Roms team for porting over your fantastic work on the Droid to us Incredible users! Just loaded it up, and I'm already impressed! Of course, it's just on the boot screen, but the animation is awesome. I'm looking forward to running it through its paces.
downloading now will install tonight..
new boot animation is sick! so so so sick.

installed black bar mod from 1.0, so far working fine!
Took a chance and didn't wipe (NEVER done this before) coming from 1.0.0. So far so good!