Welcoming droid users


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Dec 23, 2009
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As a former iphone user I know what features it offers and the goods. I prefer android because of the ability to customize. I want to invite apple and android users to this thread to discuss their love of the device. It will be to allow people to discuss in an intelligent way what you like about your device.
The thread is dedicated as a thread with both apple and android so that people on the rocks can get an assessment and decide with out getting flamed. I know that some android sites if you mention apple you will be stoned.
This forum and thread is safe and all comments (as long as its intelligent and does not call the other os a pos, or say it sucks). are welcomed. It is ok to say why you chose one o.s. over another.
This thread is on a separate site to keep android/apple fanboys from flaming your forum.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing your views.

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