Weirdo behavior...


Oct 10, 2010
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Well i have had my DX for awhile and all the sudden like three days ago it just started dying extremely fast. Like mild use it dies in 2 hours? i look one time its 90% then 30 minutes later its 70%? Is there any explanation for this? Thanks.
go to settings>about>battery use and see whats using the most battery. it could easily just be an application that you downloaded
I've had the same applications though since forever.
If you have words with friends, that is the culprit.
I have done that. That doesn't explain the drastic decrease in battery life though.

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Are you running an unnecessary task killer? Are you completely stock? Are you rooted and flashed a certain ROM? Do you have wif/bluetooth on? Do you have that ****ty FB app running on your phone? That FB app put a SIGNIFICANT drain on my battery almost what you are experiencing. If you do have that i suggest you go to that app and disable the notifications or just completely remove the damned thing. When was the last time you did a complete wipe/restore? files build up and cause problems. What is the app you most recently downloaded when you began to experience this? "Rouge" Apps are most likely the culprit.