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Jun 14, 2010
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Some of you have noticed that the websites and have been going in and out of commission over the past day or so.

Before today, in order to reduce the cost of hosting this information, I was personally running/maintaining a server that I host from within my apartment. This is where those sites resided.

Sadly, around 2pm CST yesterday, my ISP began experiencing random outages that as of this writing have yet to stop. This meant that at any given moment, the server could be on or offline, depending on whether I had access to the internet. These outages are near-constant now, with the occasional hour of uptime in between.

The good news is that at present, I was able to upload the website to our new hosting server, and update the domain to forward there. Sadly and the bug tracker have not yet been moved over, but are being worked on.

I'm sorry for this inconvenience, and if you experience any issues with the sites until I post an update, that is why. I am working on it and hopefully will have everything transferred by tonight.

Edit: This has also caused some issues with ROM Manager. Those will be resolved soon as well.

Edit: Issue with ROM Manager should be fixed (2010-07-23T15:42:00)

Edit: is now located at, and the bug tracker is now located at Both are online with old links redirecting to the new sites (2010-07-26T16:12:00)

Edit: is now located at with old links redirecting to the new site (2010-07-26T17:24:00)