water damage please help


Mar 13, 2011
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i had a bucket of water threw on my at work for my birthday and water got to the screen i pulled the battery to dry it out i have it in a covered container of rice to help get it completely dry. is my screen done and over with on bringing up the images or will it be ok once it dries out completely please let me know
I hope it works out for you. I dropped mine in the toilet(clean water) a while back and quickly pulled the battery and threw everything in rice. The next day the screen worked but it was so dull you had to have it just right under the light to see it. Luckily I had th insurance so I just got a new one. I didn't even have the phone a week when I dropped it.

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About 12 hours... give or take a few min but I wasn't able to get it in.the rice right away. It was over an hour before I was able to do so. I think the sound was screwed on my phone too. I don't really remember. That was back in October it happened. Good luck though.

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What happened with putting it in the rice? Is.it dead or working ok?

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I'd say just leave it in some rice for a day take it out and see if it works. Thats really all you can do.

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