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Feb 2, 2011
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i was washing my hands and a little soap and water hit the touch screen then it started going crazy and the notification bar started randomly coming down and going back up and coming halfway down an being stuck i wiped it dry and now the touch screen wont work the water damage strip has not changed colors but the touchscreen will not work I know it was dumb to wash my hands with the phone close but whats done is done any advice?
If you have some rice available, remove the battery and put both in a bowl (uncooked). Also have had luck putting a devise in the feezer for a few hours. Either way should remove moisture.

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I did a backup and restore and installed a new rom. I don't like the rom so I want to go to the old but when I enter clockwork mod it doesn't have back up and restore and a message saying "E: can't open /cache/ recovery/ command" What do I need to do?

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Go to the stickies part of this forum n look under tbh, there u will see what u need to know.

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Problem solved!!

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