Voicemail Notifications - Gingerbread

This thunderbolt gingerbread thing sucks!! I have talked to customer service to many times about this phone, i am getting a replacement and its another thunderbolt!! smh This android thing is becoming very frustrating to say the least!! I am wondering if the grass is greener on the apple side????

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I turned my TB on this morning and I now have the vm notification icon back, BUT after I got my vm, the symbol is still there...it won't go away and I can't clear it in settings!! I've been a droid fan from the get go, but Apple is catching my eye now.

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So I downloaded and installed the Verizon Gingerbread update last week. As expected, the voicemail notifications stopped. Also, in the voicemail settings, editing the *86 voicemail number to include the pause and my voicemail password didn't work (the phone would just dial the *86).

Just rebooted my phone, and the voicemail notification popped up on my phone saying that I had two unheard voicemails. The voicemail setting now also accepts and keeps the editing to add the voicemail password. Although I am still having a slight issue because I went in, listened to the voicemail and deleted them, and 10 minutes later the voicemail indicator still appears in the notification pane.

I did not see/notice any update auto downloading to my handset.

UPDATE: It has been an hour and a half and the voicemail notification still has not gone away.

This happened to me today for the first time ever, and I rebooted and the notification was gone when it came back up. I have noticed that my phone will act flaky once in a while if I don't reboot every 3 days or so.