UD 3.0.0 RC - 7 Devices - Droid 1 is RC2 Now!

HOLY GOD I LOVE UD!! I just found those ultimate droid shortcuts to customize how your phone acts. AAACEE IIINN THHEEE HOOOLLLEE

is there a kernal for 1ghz OC??
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I gave RC2 a run for about a week but had to revert back to 2.5.

I had constant FC's (that a new launcher could have fixed I know), my Swype keyboard wouldn't work, random errors with the app drawer not showing all my apps. Obviously the camera wasn't working but the final straw was the fact that sometimes my email through exchange just wouldn't update. I missed a very important email because my phone (even after doing a manual refresh) didn't show for that message for 4 hours after it went through our exchange server!

This is my work phone, it is what I rely on to get my email messages after hours and during the weekends. My ability to get email and make calls is the only determination I make for absolute reasoning on ROMs.

I loved some of the improvments with this update and can't wait to try it again when some more of the bugs are ironed out.

Keep up the great work!

Prob not the best idea to root your work phone....

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Yeah I realize rooting and installing roms on a phone I primarily use for work probably isn't the best idea, however. Having my phone rooted and using custom roms has made my phone more reliable in the long run. I get better battery life, quicker response and improved functionality over the stock rom that up until this last flash was superb.

It should be noted that before I installed new roms my battery would drain fairly quick during normal use and if I happend to be someplace I couldn't charge my phone my ability to get emails was significantly reduced. I was at IMTS this past year and my phone died while I was there, I was cutoff from others I was traveling with and that is when I decided to research rooting.
Ouch, well even then I wouldn't be using custom roms on a work phone, most ya shoulda done is root access.
Pros and cons

I upgraded 2 weeks ago from liquid gingerbread, and have been watching this forum for the last couple of weeks and wanted to finally give my input.

liquid gingerbread crashed too much on my phone

I love this OS, but there are a couple of faults.

This biggest is Im having a sending/receiving text problem.
it doesnt matter which texting application i use (chomp, hancent, or stock)
i still am missing a bunch of text from people, or not sending text.
this is my biggest problem.

I downloaded and installed the carbon theme, and it works fine, except the call log wont come up now. not a big deal, but it happens. i get a FC everytime.

I also dont recieve ANY facebook updates, from status posts, or friend requests, or anything. kind of annoying, as i am an avid facebook user.

I just checked the box to recieve email updates instead.

other then the aforementioned camera problem...this OS is awesome!!
ya this rom doesn't really sync with anything or it does so when it wants even though you set options
Soooooo..... is there a fix for this? Or do i just have to accept not receiving text

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According to the download... I'm on RC 2, but phone says RC 1. What gives?

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Also having many problems with facebook. Constant fc. It restarts instantly.....

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GPA10 Stock Gingerbread 2.3.2 is out!

Go to Bugless Forum for more info.
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Bugless Beast GPA10 Gingerbread 2.3.2 is out!

Go to Bugless Forum for more info.

I checked it out, but it's not even BB. It's basically stock GB. Some people have been reporting issues with it too. CM7 works flawlessly for me, but UD 2.5 has been my favorite/best-benchmarking ROM, so I'm really waiting patiently on this final release of 3.0. I really miss the level of micromanagement the ROM gives me, but unfortunately the beta and RC's have been giving me some issues.
i went back to 2.5. ill wait till all the bugs are fixed. its a great start, but has some pretty big errors.