The Ultimate Droid 3.1.1 - Multiple Phones and Tablets!! - Links Addded


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Aug 2, 2010
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Whether or not i update the thread the download link at the bottom will always go to the newest download. i set it up that way on purpose. No need for new threads for new or update releases.


UD 3.1.1 Changelog (Comes stock themed - UD Themes can be downloaded from UD Extras Menu)
- Fixed small sync and mms issue
- Fixed word prediction in stock android keyboard
- Added Wallpaper Packs and Live Wallpapers Section to UD Extras
- Added better installation instructions in the official theme section
- Fixed lockscreen issue with the tablet builds (works, but still requires changes to get it to scale correctly)
- Fixed settings force close on tablet builds (mpdi releated issue)
- Google apps , button savior, and density changer are now included in the Nook Color rom

UD 3.1.0 Changelog (Comes stock themed - UD Themes can be downloaded from UD Extras Menu)
- Now Supporting
* myTouch 4g
* G2
* Nook Color
* GTablet

- Updated the proprietary files and drivers for:
* Droid
* Evo
* Incredible

- Updated kernel for:
* Droid
* Nexus One
* Evo
* Desire (GSM)
* Desire (CDMA)

- Now using ext4 for:
* Incredible
* Evo

- Updated build to Android 2.3.3 - GRI54
- Updated device setups
- New UD Nexus Red Theme (downloadable from the UD Extra menu - Blue, Green, Yellow coming soon)
- Removed Pacman
- New UD Extras - Google Apps, Recommended Apps, Themes, Bootanimations, Fonts (More Soon)
- Overal clean up and preformance enhancements
(blackdroid - 10MB gain in system space for D1 and others)
- New redesigned protips widget (blackdroid)
- Cleaned up lockscreen graphics
- Rotary Lockscreen now gingerbread styled
- Lense Lockscreen grahic updated (Sven Dawitz, Stefano Pignataro)
- Added notification profile support
(Martin Long - accessable from Settings -> Profile or from the shutdown thread)
- Added new battery percentage on status bar
(Sven Dawitz, Jazz Kalsi - UD Settings -> Interface Settings -> Status Bar Tweaks)
- Add WiMax settings for the Evo (cyanogenmod)
- Increased size of picture allowed to send in mms
- Added more camera options (Users can use their volume
and search buttons to take pictures and zoom in/out)
- Fixed battery percentage on pattern lockscreen
- Added Custom Lockscreen Message (Location and Security Settings - blackdroid)
- Cleaned up and reorganization of parts of UD Settings (Sven Dawitz/blackdroid)
- Fixed overclocking settings in nexus s
- Fixed DSP Manager on the Droid 1 (Pavel Kucera)
- A few bluetooth and gps fixes

UD 3.0.1 Changelog
- Fixed all lockscreen landscape views
- Fixed alarm clock overlaying battery status on lockscreen
- Minor performance enhancement to remedy to lessen issues
- Fixed Camcorder Crash (Incredible)
- Fixed Evo gps issues

UD 3.0.0 Changelog
- Android 2.3.2
- Completely reworked lockscreen layouts (blackdroid)
- Two new lockscreens for a total of four (Sven Dawitz/Drakknar)
- Added new scrollable galaxy s notification widget (customizable from ud settings - cvpcs)
- Made more changes to UDLauncher3 (dustinmj/blackdroid)
* Customizable number of shortcuts,
* Customizable launcher style
* Customizable launcher background
- New Overhauled Music App (Josh Stone)
- Battery percent on status bar - (gsarrica)
- Custom Long Press Search key (Sven Dawitz))
- Switched out play, pause, and next graphics on lockscreen with ones from new music player
- Reworked a few things in UD Settings (blackdroid)
* moved device info to about section
* cleaned up the menu
* slight reorganization
- added now playing to lockscreen (kmobs)
- new music widgets (jason asher)
- Added phone goggles settings and api (David Bidorff)
- Added option to always display battery status on the lockscreen (burnsra)
- Add Bluetooth HID (Human Interface Devices) profile (OESF/rmcc)
- CPU frequency/scaling control - Robert Ramiega
- Option to always show battery percentage on lockscreen - Robert Burns
- DSPManager updated for 2.3 - alankila
- Rotary answer in Phone app - James Peterson
- Themes engine -

Remember to use UD bug tracker!!

Download Link - Through UD Forums, Makes sure downloaded file is always the most up to date file.

The Ultimate Droid 3.1.1 Download Links
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Dec 21, 2010
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Galaxy S22+
Downloaded and flashing now. Cant wait to run this bad boy. Thank you guys!!


Mar 10, 2010
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well, gave it a shot. got everything set up, even flashed a few different kernels and tried LP and ADW.EX but couldnt get rid of the little bit of stutter when swiping between home screens. Back to pe5.0.2 for me...


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Jul 2, 2010
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(Not so) Patiently waiting for the gTab ROM to get uploaded! Thanks for the great work!


Sep 4, 2010
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Downloading now, flashing this right away... I hope a lot of issues have been resolved for the droid 1!