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July is here and manufacturers are preparing to catch their second wind to get through the year. Before we look into what to expect going forward let's review where we are at thus far.

1) Samsung did it again with the S6 and S6 edge leading other android devices in sales, proving the Samsung brand is still going strong despite having a non-removable battery or expandable storage.

2) Unfortunately for HTC, mailing it in gained them the grade they deserved as the M9 was a financial failure.

3) Snapdragon 810 is known for overheating despite what Qualcomm says, proving Samsung made the right decision ditching Qualcomm's chip for their own.

4) The story of Marvel teaming up with Samsung ended up panning out as Samsung released an Iron Man S6 edge.

5) Sling TV, unveiled by Dish Network at the 2015 CES, have continued to push the conversation about cutting the cord. We are starting to see more companies create their own version of a live streaming service including Sony. Despite it (Sling TV) having some flaws, not working on Chrome or able to watch it on multiple television sets, it is a step in the right direction from gaining freedom from the big cable companies. Hopefully a company can come along and push this endeavor forward.

6) @Macktion brought us a piece on the Remix Ultra Tablet which (I believe) @Jonny Kansas purchased.

7) The Nvidia Tablet, which looked like the best device unveiled at MWC 2015, ended up being just the best streaming device to buy but not so much the gaming device we expected.

8) International device specs catching up with some of the top names. Whether it be Elephone, One Touch, or some of the other (unfamiliar) names, we are seeing some awesome devices that are not from the names we know. Our own @Jeffrey has been posting video reviews and unboxing of some of those devices. So if you are on a budget and looking for a nice device without breaking the bank, check out some of the devices being posted on the forums.

What were your favorite devices that have released so far?

What news excited you back at CES or MWC that failed to live up to the hype?

We still have over 4 months to go as we await the Blackberry Android device, an update to the Moto X and the Droid, an update to the Nexus line, One Plus Two, and so much more so stay tuned to to the news section as we will keep you updated with news, reviews, and the latest in development.

Sources: CES 2015 Rumor RoundUp Android Forum at
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How do you like it, did you ever review it for us?
So far, so good, but I'll be honest. I haven't had the time to devote to really putting it through its paces that I thought I would. Been busy lately. Thought things would slow down after we got married, but the pace has stayed pretty steady.

I did give a fairly lengthy write-up of my first impressions in the thread about the KS campaign after I first got it though, I think.

Lollipop update is supposed to be rolling out (Remix OS 1.5, I think?). If not right now, soon. I know they said the beta went better than they thought it would. So maybe I'll do something after that. I've barely had any time to keep up with that community. Scrolling through the Facebook group, I do see that they've got a poll about the browser for "those who've upgraded to Remix OS 1.5," but I haven't had a chance to even turn the thing on for a couple of weeks.

I have a conference to go to for work next week and I'm thinking I'll bring it along and use it for notes/etc and/or to remote in to work if I need to. Might even just leave the laptop at home completely.