Best Device at MWC 2015?


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Dec 23, 2009
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We have one more night of Mobile World Congress and so far we have seen some impressive devices whether they be phones, tablets, watches, or even a gaming system. The other impressive thing is that this year some of the lower named companies such as ZTE and Huawei have stepped up with some nice looking devices.

Which device impressed you the most from MWC and if we had to give a prize to the manufacturer who stole the show who would you choose?
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I am sure in a couple days after I have had time to process everything I will change my mind.

Nvidia Android Console: is my pick as this may not be the most powerful console out there or best streaming box. But from what I see is it packages 2 things which is a capable gaming system with a set top box in a package that works for the avg consumer. People like me who rarely have time to watch tv or play games may not want to shell out 300 for a gaming console that I may play once in a blue moon. But to package it in a way that take what fire tv and the nexus player was trying to do but make it a large step forward may be just enough to get people to buy. Be interesting to see the consensus once it hit the market.

As far as manufacturers I have to say the winner goes to the smaller no name companies. I feel like Samsung and HTC are putting the same thing out every year with just a little bump in specs. But Alcatel, Huawei, and ZTE are swinging for the fences putting out some impressive looking devices. This could be the first year I may actually consider one of those (smaller) companies to purchase a phone vs Samsung, LG, HTC, or Motorola. We still have a long year ahead of us and actual reviews to see before making that decision permanently. But I say I like what I am seeing because more manufacturers are stepping up and if Samsung continue to take the lazy route they could find themselves looking up at a Huawei.
I concur with your NVIDIA console as the best device of the event.

As far as smartphones go... I think the most innovative device is probably the Galaxy S6 Edge. The vanilla Galaxy S6 is just as you said, "more of the same," but the gold colored version of the S6 Edge just blew me away. I love the wrap around screen, and think it's the only new and fresh thing we have seen in the smartphone sector in some time.

Yes, it was half-way on the Galaxy Note Edge, but they really pulled the design characteristics together to make the S6 Edge an iconic looking device. Realistically, that doesn't necessarily make it do anything differently or better than every other phone, but it still moves things forward in ways we haven't seen before. There's also something to be said for having a great looking phone that is unique.