[ROM][ODIN][FACTORY][ED05] VzW full factory froyo restore with radio and kernel


Apr 10, 2011
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[ROM][ODIN][FACTORY][ED05] VzW full factory froyo restore with radio and kernel

Update 7/28.. Now Official current version by VzW. Changes per VzW are:

- Properly receive incoming calls.
- After sending a multi-recipient SMS messages, single-recipient SMS messages will send correctly.
- SMS Message reply is sent to the correct recipient.
- Google Books is now preloaded.

Update 7/23.. It looks like you don't even need to *228 the other phone. Just get an ESN/MEID of some other VzW smartphone (that isn't currently activated on VzW), swap it on MyVerizon and then swap it back to the Fascinate. Then *228 your Fascinate.

Update 7/22..

*** Warning, some people have reported loosing 1x/3G data svc after flashing with SamsungPST. Flashing with ODIN until is OK.
If you loose data you have two options right now..
1. Login to My Verizon and swap your phone number to some other phone, activate it (*228) and then swap it back to your Fascinate.
2. Call Verizon and tell them you are not getting any data (but voice works ok) and that you would like your keys reset.

Full factory restore ODIN with radio, kernel and recovery (UNROOTED!). This will bring you back to the current unrooted Froyo ED05 release of Android for the Samsung Fascinate i500. Use 7zip to uncompress and follow instructions below.

1. Install Samsung USB drivers. (.\1 - USB Drivers\Samsung_Mobile_USB_Driver_V1.3.550.0.msi)
2. Install PST Software (.\2 - Samsung PST SW\SamsungPSTLite FW Setup1.0.004_MSI1ndEdition)
3. Install Samsung SCH-I500 PST DLL (.\3 - Samsung PST DLL\SamsungPST_SCHI500 DLL for Verizon ver.1.0.015)
4. Press "Volume Down" key and connect the device to PC.
5. Run SamsungPST and select "SW" button.
6. Select "PDA+PHONE" for Software Download Option and check "Repartition", "EFS clear" and "Boot update" options.
7. Select "Open PIT file" then select "atlas_v2.2.pit" file.
8. Select "Open Binary", and select "CI500_VZW_ED05_FROYO_REL.tar.md5".
9. Press "Start Software Download"
10. "Completed Flash programming" pop-up message will be displayed after successful download.

md5sum of 7zip: 3c213edb92cc9e6fab75e72e837dc4d8
Download: CI500_VZW_ED05_FROYO_REL_with_PST.7z (306.92 MB) http://bit.ly/nfYusQ

md5sum of ODIN in 7zip: 75ff53ada8278a10149ceff756d7a42d