Flashing Your Galaxy Note 5 Back To Stock.


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you are like me then you are already pretty hyped about the upcoming Galaxy S7. This phone looks to be like an exciting upgrade with the curved glass back, possible microsd card expansion, improved low light camera, water resistance, and 3000mah battery. The phone is said to be announced by February, and it should release sometime in March or April. If you are looking to purchase this phone now is the time to sell your Note 5. To do so you will need to set it back to factory settings. Being able to flash the Note 5 to factory settings will also help you incase of a brick.

In order to flash the Note 5 back to stock you will first need to grab both the latest version of Odin, and the latest stock image. Next you need to turn of your phone and boot into Download mode (Volumedown+Home+power) when you see the warning screen hit the volume up to select download mode. From there you will want to plug your phone into the PC, and verify the ID:COM slot in odin displays blue. Click the AP button in Odin and select your previously downloaded stock image file. Click Start to flash. When everything is finished Odin will display a PASS message at which point you can unplug your phone and reboot it.

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