How To Unroot, Factory Reset, Galaxy S6 Edge!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Now that we have root for the Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge you will want to know how to unroot and factory reset your device. Once rooted your boot screen will display a "custom" emblem with an unlocked keypad alerting Verizon reps to the fact that your phone is rooted and your warranty is void. If you ever need to send in your phone for repairs, or if you need to swap it out, or even if you need to install an ota update you will first need to flash the stock image for the device. Flashing the stock image is easy.

You will need Odin 3.10.6, you will need the samsung drivers (normally just turning on the usb debugging and plugging the phone into your pc will install the drivers), and the stock image. You will want to be sure to first backup your files with your PC as flashing the stock image in Odin will wipe your data. Head to the link below for downloads and full guide!

via XDA
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