Root and Flash TWRP On The Sprint Galaxy S6 Edge 5.1.1


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Oct 6, 2011
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Samsung has actually been doing a pretty incredible job at updating the latest flagship devices to the latest and greatest versions of Android. Most recently the 5.1.1 update has rolled out to most variants of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The update arrived first on T-mobile and is now here for the Sprint variant. One of the downsides to updating your device is that you have to take it back to full stock. Once you have updated your S6 Edge to 5.1.1 you will need to reinstall TWRP and root your device. That is easy enough.

-Enable USB Debugging in developer options (tap build number in about phone 7 times to enable dev options)
-Enable OEM unlocking in dev options
-Make sure you have plenty of juice, at least 80%
-Be sure USB drivers are installed on PC (normally just plug your phone in and Windows will auto install them)
-Download and extract the Odin 3.10.6 flashing tool
-Backup any important info like contacts or data
-Place phone in download mode (volumedown+home+ power, then volume up to select continue)
-Plug phone into PC
-Flash The TWRP file in Odin (open odin, press the AP button and choose your TWRP file)
-Make sure the option to auto boot into system is UNCHECKED if you boot into system after flashing the TWRP file it will overwrite twrp with stock recovery
-download and flash it in TWRP to root!

Odin 3.10.6
TWRP for Sprint S6 Edge