Possible 8-4-2011 confirmation?

Engineer, if the SG2 is out and there is still no release date for the Bionic a lot of people wont wait not sure if I'd say they know what their doing over there.
Oh COME ON!!!!! We are so quick to discredit something saying that it will be released on August 4th!!! But quick to believe someone saying September 1 from from a certain blog who steals stuff from this and other forums and take credit for it.. Now I always said that it would be Mid to late August release.. But it will be great if it was August 4th...

Woa, dude. I am just replying to what was asked, the spelling in the link. It will be here when it is here, I am not getting wrapped around the axle about it. But, As my NE2 is now past, I will be getting a new phone soon, be it the Bionic, or the D3. And honestly with the latest rumors and "stuff" on the S2, I now have 3 to consider. I could gives a rats you know what about what any of the makers decide to do as it pertains to their scheduling, but it is obvious to me that if moto/vzw have intentionally decided to drop the Bionic right smack in the middle of the S2, Iphone and perhaps the D3, then someone in marketing needs to have their head examined. At this point if the S2 rumors are correct, methinks some folks at Moto are probably trying to figure out how to throw a bone or two to the masses without pissing off VZW.

It is not like the Iphone schedule is some dark mystery, and we have back to school, and kids heading off to college. Moto and Vzw, it's is short for it is, and clue is spelled c-l-u-e. Getsum.....


What I wrote was not geared toward you Bear In NM. I just meant it in General.. I to am waiting patiently.. I just always felt it would be mid to late August.. I would be happy if it came August 4th. But would not be surprise if it came out in September... I am ready to take my Storm 1 outback and take it out of its misery.:)


Funny you should mention the Storm 1 (besides the fact that you really are behind the curve so to speak) because that was going to be my first smart phone back in 2009. I was all over the crackberry forums, trying to learn and understand phones. And this was 3 or 4 weeks (if I remember correctly) before the D1 dropped. But, I found info on the D1 at that time, pre-release (pre-DF) and it was not hard to find. There was a lot of info available at the time, real info, so it was fairly easy to make an informed decision. Times sure have changed.

Not sure I am liking this new marketing paradigm. Traditional use of the broadcast media and store sales folks seems to have been replaced with you will know when it hits the shelves. I like to try and be an informed consumer, but cell phone purchases sure are complicated. Still fun and exciting, just not easy. At least there are subforums here for the new phones, so we do have more than the single 300 page thread in News, like the old days;)