New Samsung Ad Takes Shot at iPhone 6's 'New Size' Before It Even Exists


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

"Screen Envy" is what Samsung calls their latest jab at Apple. This new video commercial basically pokes fun at the fact that a larger screen size has been around for more than two years on Samsung's products. This obviously is meant to preemptively strike against Apple's new rumored larger screened iPhone 6. It's almost comical that Sammy is taking shots at the iPhone 6 before it even steps into the arena.

If you think about it a bit, it's entirely possible this ad could have a backlash effect that Samsung hadn't considered. There are plenty of consumers out there who don't follow tech news at all, but love their iPhones. Once they see this ad, it might simply inspire their curiosity and excitement once they discover a larger iPhone might be coming.

This could be an "epic fail" from Samsung's usually savvy marketing team.