Motorola Trolls Samsung and iPhone With Their New Ad

Sure, it gets warm while navigating with Maps. But not really "hot". I can't remember it ever being too hot to hold; but warm.

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My Moto Z Force get a Nice Snuggly Warm for a Cold Winter Night. lol. I guess its more noticeable on the Aluminum Parts and when you take the back off. I also noticed when I used the Hasselblad Mod it was Noticable Hotter towards the Bottom where the Magnets are which happens to also be where the grip on the Hasselblad Mod is so not touching that part is unavoidable when using it.
So I decided to just check a little more investigating with my Moto Z Force and check some Temps. (I was bored). This is a Fairly Fresh Reset Moto Z Force so I dont have lot running on it. I actually go the tutorial for the Moto Mod when I connected it since i recently did a FDR. Sure you can take this with a grain of salt but its just some Observances.

Where are the magnets in relation to the location of the processor? My thinking here is that it has nothing to do with the magnets, but the processor running hot while performing tasks.

I wonder how some devices can stay cool, and others run hot with the same processor? Maybe it has to do with heat sink technology used in the various phones.
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I was only referring to the Magnets more as a point of reference as from teardowns they seem to be near the SoC.