LG Trolls Samsung Again; New Ad Mocks Sammy For No Galaxy Note 5 in Europe


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Dec 30, 2010
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It looks like LG is taking pages out of Samsung's old "troll Apple" playbook, only this time, LG is trolling Samsung. Just after LG gobbled up a ton of "edge" trademarks earlier in the week, they just launched an ad mocking Samsung for ditching their European customers with no Galaxy Note 5 there.

While the ad may not convince anyone to buy an LG if they weren't going to already, at least it might get the attention of European Galaxy Note fans who are angry at Samsung for abandoning them. Perhaps a few folks who never considered any other devices might be ready to check out the competition because of Samsung's rude move.

Of course, the new G4 pictured in the ad does have a removable battery and a microSD slot, so even though it is missing the handy S-Pen, it might be the perfect option for folks looking to jump ship. What do you guys think?

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Is it all of Europe or just Great Britain?

The Note 5 will be available to anyone in Europe if they want one. They will just have to side step their carriers.

You can buy any phone from any Non-U.S. country and use it anywhere else in the world. I've done it personally with every Sammy phone I have owned with the exception of my Note Edge. I just had to get it unlocked.
Loving LG right now. :D
I agree with you there. Though I do worry because Sammy is more or less the new Apple now with how they run their business, and I fear if LG follows down this path, they may try to emulate that at some point as well.
so is the G4 really worth it? I wanted the note 5... (no sd not gonna get it) so I'm looking at the G4.

haven't look at whether it has root or not.... but the phone itself seems nice.
Ah. I can't comment re: the pen. I regret not getting the G3. I'd miss a Turbo feature or two but imo no phone feels better in the hand then LG's. The S6 Edge to me feels pretty lux too but G4 has a slight....edge to me. I really tried to think of a different word there. :)

Tap'n Turbo
My father, who thinks that phones getting bigger is ridiculous (he owns the Galaxy S4), picked up my larger, leather-back G4 last night and instantly said "WOW, I like how this feels in my hand!", and then noticed how his finger was automatically on the back power button for convenience. I'm loving my G4, glad I left Sammy :). Had some issues with my first one, but after a warranty swap, no complaints other than a few minor things.