Samsung Takes a Swing at the iPhone in New Video Ad


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Dec 30, 2010
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Yesterday Sony was trolling Apple's new iPhone, but today it's Samsung's turn. Sammy pokes fun of the iPhone by pointing out that it doesn't have wireless charging like most of Samsung's new Galaxy devices. They end with a new marketing motto: "It's not a phone, it's a Galaxy."

Obviously the lack of wireless charging may not sway too many folks, but it is a valid feature which Samsung has and Apple does not. You can check out the video ad in the thread below.

Here are our dedicated Samsung Galaxy S6 series and Galaxy Note 5 sections for further discussion:
Personally, I've never used wireless charging once. Now the turbo charging is another matter! I think Motorola took a step in the right direction by including faster charging rather than wireless charging in the Moto X 2015.
I used Both Wireless and Turbo Charger on my Droid Turbo. I do the Same for My Note 5. The Samsung Wireless Charger is actually pretty fast for a wireless charger but the Rapid charger is no contest.
I love my Wireless Charging.

I missed the Sony one. Link? NVM, found it.
The iPhone 6sw & 6sw Plus will be out by Christmas time and will include Wireless Charging and will cost $200 more for each Model. Start getting in line now.
Pretty good ad, but that song is terrible lol.

I haven't had wireless charging or rapid charging, but I will take advantage of both if it's available on my device of choice when I upgrade...hopefully soon...
I use wireless charging everyday. In the car and at night time. No more cables for me thanks!
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I don't use, or need, wireless or quick charging because this beast has a battery that easily gets me through even the heaviest of days.

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I think it's finally time to upgrade dez.... I can do without wireless charging if I have to, but rapid/quick charging will change your life!
Soon...hopefully. I'm holding out for the z4v or whatever Sony variant Verizon may release, and hopefully soon.

That Note 5 is lookin real pretty though....but it's got the price to match it too:(