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  1. Sajo

    Moto Z4 Battery Life

    Here is a thread to discuss the battery life on the new Moto Z4. Post your thoughts, questions, concerns or usage stats. Thanks!
  2. Sajo

    New Moto Z for 2019? (and other new Moto Phone rumors)

    The folks over at XDA have reported that they have rumored intel on a new Moto Z phone for 2019, code named Odin. Could this be the Moto Z4? Apparently the phone will be running a new Snapdragon chip and will work with the upcoming 5G Moto Mod. If that is true then that also means that all...
  3. DroidModderX

    Motorola Trolls Samsung and iPhone With Their New Ad

    Right after the iPhone X was announced we saw Samsung mock the new device by releasing their "Growing Up" ad which shows a guy grow tired of iPhone's over the year and eventually upgrades to the Note 8. The ad ends with the same guy passing by a line of iPhone X customers one of which has his...
  4. DroidModderX

    Moto Z2 Will Feature A 3.5mm Headphone Jack

    The Moto Z was a real show stopping device last year. It was the first phone to get the modular design right. The magnetic push pin design meant that you could quickly and easily add an external speaker, improved camera, bigger battery, or even a projector to your device. The phone was a great...
  5. DroidModderX

    Moto Z 2 Confirmed?!

    Yesterday we got a bit of good news from world famous leakster Evan Blass. He posted a logo for the upcoming 2nd generation Moto Z, and stated "So, like, this is happening.". This is obviously not official but Evan has a pretty great tract record for getting things right. Of course this is all...
  6. DroidModderX

    Non Modular Moto X Coming in 2017?!

    The one thing that really made the 2016 Moto Z stand out was the modular design. While other flagship devices may have attempted the modular design Lenovo was the only OEM to actually get it right. The Moto mods effortlessly and magnetically attached themselves to the phone. This was the only...