Motorola Droid RAZR Comparison Photos with iPhone 4 and OG Moto Droid


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Dec 30, 2010
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Engadget has some interesting photos comparing the new Motorola Droid RAZR to the iPhone 4 and the original Motorola Droid. They also included some comparisons to an LG Marquee and the Droid Incredible 2 for good measure. Above is a comparison pic to the iPhone 4, and below is a screencap of some of the comparison shots. The rest of the photos are over at Engadget's site.

Source: Engadget & Droid RAZR Forum
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I love the paint chipping on the OG. Mine looks the same way.
Am I missing something? The image with the 5 pics are tiny. Cant really tell anything
Am I missing something? The image with the 5 pics are tiny. Cant really tell anything

Go to the source link (Engadget) from the OP. The images are much easier to see.

Edit: Sorry, slow fingers.
Am I missing something? The image with the 5 pics are tiny. Cant really tell anything

Yeah. Unfortunately, the images have been encoded on Engadget's site to be very difficult to "borrow", so we left the source link for you to peruse the others.
everything looks so abused. even the razr is worn out and its brand new.
Where is the power button on the Razr?

edit: is indeed on the side
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That screen looks very nice in those pictures. Even compared to the foreigner in the pictures. Sure it is still a pentile matrix but it looks pretty darn good from here. SuperAMOLED at qHD looks to be pretty solid. This is probably going to be a huge hit. I would love one but Moto is really letting down the dev community with no unlock solution. As much as I prefer Moto hardware to Samsung, I don't think I can avoid ICS and unlocked. I may wait a few weeks to see what else will get ICS by the holidays though. I still want this device just for what it is though.
Am I blind/behind the times or is there no audio jack, HDMI connection, or mini-USB connection on this phone. Something tells me even with the launch date supposedly approaching that this is not the final build. Why reboot the RAZR and not have it be forward compatible with ICS with those old school capacitive buttons on the front and no NFC? Looks like a good phone but after reading about it some more it still seems like it could end up being a hair off the bullseye. It's got to be some kind of marketing tactic; as much as we rant and rave about what we want in a phone, both realistic and not, why do they always build a phone that's missing something standout?